About BackJack

Who is Jack?

Jack is a child prodigy with the sole purpose to dominate… Vegas. In the slums of “Back city” Baccarat is the main currency where you earn respect, authority and power. There’s no politics or rules in the world Jack lives in (Back City), everything is determined by the skills you possess in gambling.

Jack despises gambling ever since he was old enough to read as his parent’s death was caused by gambling. However, never had it crossed his mind that he would eventually become the overlord of the universe: Vegas!


What are the abilities of Jack?


The turning point in Jack’s life began when he met the two mentors that would change his life forever, King and Queen; they are mythical figures in the universe where no one really knows who they are.

One day, the mythical duo was strolling through the slums in Back City and saw a young boy gambling merely for a loaf of bread. They felt a special Aura that was emitting from Jack’s body. He was able to control the cards and communicate with them whilst controlling the mental state of his opponents.  


What is BackJack?

After 3 years, Jack has honed his gambling skillset from King and Queen and later found out through rumors that his parent’s death was premeditated by their family’s arch-nemesis and Vegas’s Overlord “The Joker.” After uncovering the truth, Jack decided to act and form his own army consisting of 4200 NFTs all unique with different attributes and skills to avenge the death of his parents and overthrow the throne for his family. The success of Jack’s story will be continued based on the support of his army (community). 

Minting Begins

21 May 14:00 GMT

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Price per Mint

0.99 SOL

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Our Roadmap

Q2 2022
Merchandise, 3D Jacks, Launch of Lottery Website

Hodlers-Only Merch- We are partnering witha few of the biggest manufacturers and famous individual brand to bring Backjack Hodlers custom tees, hoodies and other goodies. You'll be able to purchuase clothing items with your BJ NFT printed on them.

Delist Campaigns for a 3D Jack through breeding, Essentially Backjack 2.0  to open up even more opportunities for Hodlers.

Beta Launch of our lottery website with prizes up to $50,000 USD for Jack's NFT Holders.. Each NFT held will give an additional entry for Hodlers. 

Q2 TO Q3 2022
Preparation for Lottery and acquiring our Metaverse land

Development of Raffle/Lottery website- a decentralized lottery website with a rewards program in the form of Solana distributed  back to our holders. 

Acquiring 3x3 land (9 plots) in Sandbox and Decentraland. The initial planning stage for our Casino's design and games will be discussed through a community vote system with weekly updates on its progress.

q3 to q4 2022 $CHIPS Token development 

During Q3 and Q4 this year we will be developing our BJ utility token/ points system to reward back to our holders. We are in talks with a few top lawyers and CPAs within the industry where BJ Tokens will be used as a currency on our metaverse: Jacks VEGAS. 

In Jacks VEGAS, you will be able to earn and spend $CHIPS in alot of ways, playing games, lotteries, staking, and attending special events, most of all the currency to gamble and play our casino games such as Baccarat, BlackJack, Poker, Roulette once Jack's VEGAS is launched.

q4 2022 Final preparation for Jacks 

Before the Main Launch of Jack's VEGAS, we will be adding online slot machines, and other experimental Casino games into the Lottery website we've already built to give holders a free trial and experience what the upcoming Casino will be like. 

q4 2022 - Q1 2023 Grand Launch of Jacks VEGAS

Stage 1: Development of Casino Tables (3D-modeling, maintenance and operation), executing rental-services and partnership-split services in different Metaverse based on the Community's Choice, this would generate a hefty amount of Passive income for all our holders in the Long run.

Stage 2: The Launch of our own Metaverse Casino Jack's VEGAS in the Sandbox space and Decentraland which allows holdersand guests to participate in our long awaited Metaverse Casino. With our token $CHIPS, Solana and ETH to be used as the main form of currency to be played, earnt and awarded.

Stage 3: DAO set up and profit distribution back to Holders. 45% of all profit from Jack's Vegas Casino, Lottery Website and rental services in the Metaverse will go directly back to the DAO.

q4 2022 to q2 2023 Expansion of $CHIPS Token Utilities + "Jack Vegas Experience"

In Jack's Vegas you will be able to spend $CHIPS tokens to do a lot of things such as attending special events, staking, discord shops to unlock exclusive rare contents that will be a suprise to you all

420 Random Lucky Hodlers will get a unique 3D Jack character of their Gambler to use in the Sandbox game, to gather back additional benefits.

DAO set up and profit distribution back to holders, 45% of all profit from Jack's VEGAS, Lottery website and the rental services in the Metaverse will go directly back into the DAO.


  1. • Holding our NFT 45% of the total income from Jack's Vegas (casino, lottery, Slots) will go directly towards our holders through our DAO distributed monthly. 


  1. • Holders will receive real rewards such as Solana, as well as airdropped Token $chip token that could be spent in our Metaverse casino or exchanged into Solana or other cryptos. 


  1. • $Chips will be used for your NFT Metaverse character to purchase clothing items, accessories, etc. 


  1. • Rarity of Jacks will unlock different powers and perks as well as the distribution of $Chips token. 


  1. • Monthly Tournaments for Hodlers(Including Poker-Tournaments, Roulette, Baccarat, BlackJack and more.) Holders will be able to participate in our monthly tournaments and casino games for free with real life awards in Solana and $CHIP Tokens. 


  1. • Every Quarter 3 lucky Holders will be able to experience the “Jack Vegas” experience that includes a trip to Vegas in real life attending exclusive parties with celebrities and a stay in one of our Partnering casinos that will be announced soon.  

Our Team

Our team consists of people from very different backgrounds but share a comment trait of  having over 7+  years of experience in the gambling industry. Our Founders had previously held Top Management positions in Casinos Across Vegas, Europe and Macau. We are also extremely delighted to have our  Creative director on board. (Ex-Lead Designer for the megahit game L4D Gaming.  This will ensure the high standards in the visuals side of our art and most importantly our roadmap execution. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 : Where to buy a BackJack NFT and How do I buy?

1. Create a Phantom Wallet, and add it to Chrome, then add Solana.
2. Make sure you have Solana transferred from your Phantom Wallet.
3. Visit BackJack.io on Mint date (TBA) and mint your BackJack NFT! 
4. Phantom Wallet will pop up and ask you to approve the transaction.
5. Once Transaction is confimed, you got yourself your first BackJack NFT! 🥳🥳
6. You can find your NFT inside your phantom wallet under Collections.

Question 2: What will be the total supply be?
Only 4,200 unique Jack's will ever be created and ready to be minted.

Question 3: Why should I buy a BackJack NFT what are it's utilities?

By Owning a BackJack NFT, you will directly become a part owner of our Jack's VEGAS casino, with 45% of our total income split between all Holders. If you believe in the future of Metaverse  Casino thriving why not get yourself a BJ NFT?  Please refer to Roadmap and utilities to learn more. 

Question 4: When will the $CHIPS token be launched and what brings it value?

Our team has already been in talks with a few top Lawyers and CPAs within the industry where $CHIPS token will be used as a currency on our Metaverse: Jack's VEGAS. This will be finalised between Q3-Q4 of 2022.

Question 5: Will the team be able to execute the roadmap promised?

We have an extremely solid team with all our members having over 7+ years of experience in the gambling industry so we have already unlocked partnerships with some of the most prominent names in the casino world from Vegas all the way to Macau. Confirmed partnerships will be announced very shortly after public Mint.